"Quality and service define everything we do at Latham. Integrity and respect are non-negotiable for us. That’s why our ESG strategy is driven by our commitment to doing the right thing by our planet, our people, and our communities."

– Scott Rajeski, President and CEO, Latham Pool Products

As a leading global manufacturer of inground swimming pools, our ambition is to lead the way towards a more sustainable future for our industry. To that end, we are striving to mature our approach to ESG within our business. To do this, we have worked with independent consultants to assess our ESG performance, benchmark our efforts against our competitors and support us in establishing a comprehensive strategy to manage ESG risks and opportunities effectively. The drive towards greater sustainability will be an ongoing journey for us. We will monitor our ESG performance and always look for ways to improve.

This ESG hub and our ESG report are part of our effort to demonstrate our commitment to our ESG ambitions through regular updates. To ensure we follow best practice, we have referenced globally recognized reporting frameworks, including the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) and Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting standards.

Strategic Approach

Everything we do centers around quality, whether manufacturing pools from premium materials or offering the longest and strongest warranties in the industry. We want our customers to feel great about their decision to invest in one of our pools.

We have achieved this level of quality in our products and service by creating a working environment where we prioritize respect, integrity and doing the right thing. Compliance and safety are extremely important to us. We operate responsibly and uphold all our obligations as a member of the global business community. We also want to make a positive impact through the work we do and give back to the communities where we operate.

To achieve long-term success as a business, we realize we need to align our business strategy and prioritization with the expectations of our shareholders, our stakeholders and society at large. To identify the Environmental, Social and Governance topics that matter most to our internal and external stakeholders, we completed our first materiality assessment.

This assessment was undertaken by an independent third party to ensure complete confidentiality and impartiality. The process consisted of a thorough review of leading ESG frameworks and rating agencies, the priorities of our top shareholders, as well as a series of in-depth panel interviews and online surveys with key functional leaders and members of the Executive Leadership Team at Latham.

The assessment results indicate that the following topics are of highest importance and should inform our overall sustainability strategy and our relative prioritization of ESG matters at Latham:

Topics Include:

  • Product Environmental Impact
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quality and Safety
  • Talent Acquisition & Development
  • Health and Safety
  • Business Ethics and Compliance

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